Our History

From 1993 our experienced staff at 'Orchidea' has been serving our clients delicious frozen desserts, fresh cakes and pastries and special ice-cream cocktails, which are a must, We also offer a home catering service in the entire Costa Smeralda area.

Our Cafes

A packet of Karalis coffee encloses precious aromatic notes, a blend of selected prestigious coffee beans collected from different parts of the globe. A coffee rich in aroma and delicate flavour, produced with the classic procedure, born over half a century ago in the old heart of the city of Cagliari. Today it has been improved thanks to the modern technology of Italian style coffee roasting. The packaging of the new tin with a controlled atmosphere allows the perfume of all its aromas to remain unaltered, giving the Espresso coffee a very special flavour and body. Besides this great flavoured coffee our staff are happy to offer you the choice of a new Fitness coffee, coffee Cannabissimo and a delicious Barley Cream coffee.