Tradition and Production

From 1993 our experienced staff at 'Orchidea' has been serving our clients delicious frozen desserts, fresh cakes and pastries and special ice-cream cocktails, which are a must, We also offer a home catering service in the entire Costa Smeralda area.

From 7 June 1993
... Have you got a party to organize? we'll take care of everything... you can choose between sweet and salty.

Our Patisserie takes genuine care of your palat, keeping the traditional flavours with freshly made products using prime quality ingredients. We are happy to organize any kind of resfreshment for any event offering a selection of savoury appetizers, filled brioches, small rolls, sandwiches, mini savoury croissants etc... For those with a sweet tooth we have a large variety of minion pastries and a selection of cakes, which range from filled sponge cakes, chocolate mousse to a delicate millefeuille pastry. Our specialities are Forrest strawberry cake, Mimosa cake and fruit millefeuille.

Who We Are

It's the beating heart of the company, where all the elements or ingredients, through the combination, the mixing,the transformation, when the product is cooked take concreteness.Here the day starts at 4 a.m with our pastry chefs that begin to bake the brioches. The work continues with the production of pastries, mignon and our cakes. Every day we experience the relation between taste and culture and how this is influenced not only by taste buds but also from esthetics.

Our showcase

Our glass showcase allows you to see all our delights in various shapes and different colours. Our patisserie offers a large selection of traditional sardinian cakes, mini pastries, biscuits, cakes and desserts, all in all a variety of aromas and using quality products.